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About DanMark Engineering and the founding structural engineer

A Fresh Approach


How Danmark Engineering Started


Proud to have founded Danmark Engineering in 2023.

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Mark Enos, PE

Principal Engineer

Mark Enos started Danmark Engineering in 2023 but has spent his life learning and working in the construction and structural engineering industry.  Born into a family of builders, Mark learned the fundamentals of construction at an early age and proceeded to go to the University of Akron where he graduated from the Honors College with a B.S in Civil Engineering.  

Go ZIPs! 

Over the past 15 years, Mark has honed his skills in various engineering and construction roles, solidifying his professional engineering license along the way. His diverse portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, and industrial projects, including ground-up construction and structural renovations. With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of existing construction types, Mark has conducted hundreds of site observations and successfully tackled projects of varying complexities.. 


Proficient in a wide range of materials such as steel, wood, light-gauge concrete, masonry, aluminum, and FRP, Mark's expertise extends to industry-specific structural designs, including Mechanical and HVAC roof support modifications, Fall Protection, Curtain Walls, Industrial Modifications, Foundations, Cold Formed Steel Delegated Design and Emergency Facility Repairs.

As Professional Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, an Allied Member of the American Institute of Architecture, and a Professional Member of the American Institute of Steel Construction, Mark is involved with the local design community.  He volunteers for civil ventures such as the ACE program, an educational outreach program for highschool students, which he intends to be apart of this fall. 

At Danmark Engineering, Mark is committed to empowering structural excellence. His firm is driven by a fervent work ethic, a pursuit of excellent design, and a determination to deliver unparalleled results. 

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